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Website Design Services


Design of a website involves getting it right from the start.

If you are looking for a simple website - to get presence on the web, we can do that for you. If you are looking for a large site with links to your office system, automatic updates, customer interaction, E-commerce and credit card processing, well we can do that for you too! We are real software developers as well as website engineers.

For simple websites, all that is required to host the site is to place the website files on our server. We can provide you with a custom login so that you can update these files yourselves.

For more complex sites we need to provide software that links your site files to a database. We have the skills to develop both the web server design, as well as the software that runs on your computers.

If you have an idea for a website, then please put your ideas down in an email, and send it off to us. We'll get back to you, and perhaps even add some ideas of our own. if needed we can bring in specialists, like brand designers, specialist graphics artists etc.


For more details please email: enquiries at 123.net.nz


To learn more about Web Page Design

Visit W3Schools


Here are some of the sites we host

True Wines
Made from New Zealand
Rodney Economic Development Trust
Breckenridge Lodge
Fat Parrot
NZ Beer Awards
Orewa Beach
Wildwood gallery
Moodle School
Alpha e-Learning Facility
Qualmaster Recruitment
Computer Direct
Hammer Auctions
HiLo Table
Horizon Energy
North Shore Residents Assn
TL Systems
Urban Initiatives
Twilight Vineyards