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Email Services


We currently provide email services as part of our hosting services. If you have a special requirement then please contact us.


Email Accounts

Email accounts are hosted on our Linux Mail Servers. Linux mailservers are the most reliable around.

We can provide you with personal (jill@myDomain.co.nz) or generic (sales@mydomain.co.nz) addresses.

If you do not have your own domain yet, we can assign email addresses under the 123.net.nz domain, or other domains as appropriate.

We also provide a webmail facility should you wish to access your email remotely.

For more details please email: enquiries at 123.net.nz.


Outgoing Mail Server Service

Recently XTRA announced the removal of their service to provide Outgoing Mail Server Service for those customers with self hosted domains. This means to send emails from your computer you need access to an Outgoing mail Server.

We can provide you with this service, but it will require the allocation of individual credentials to access the service.

For more details please email: enquiries at 123.net.nz.

If youre havign difficulty configuring your system, then please read this document



Need we say more? We currently use the SpamAssassin system, as well as a number of other tricks of the trade to minimise Spam.

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We provide Web Mail facilities for when you are away from home.


To access the 123 Webmail system

Click here


Email Lists

We can provide an Email List server facility to handle large user driven community groups. Please email us for more information.


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