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Website Hosting


Websites can be very simple, or very complex. We can handle all types. Listed below are the descriptions of our services, and the prices.

If you have a special requirement, please contact us, and let's talk.

Current Price List

Domain Name Registration Terms and Conditions


Level One Option

Before you have a website, you need a Domain Name. If you don't have one, we can obtain it for you. A Domain Name provides a unique "handle" for your website and email accounts. The details of your Domain Name are hosted on our DNS Servers.

Parked Domain only: $44.00 plus GST
includes annual registration (NZ) fee

Web & Email redirection (usually for aliased domain): $60.00 plus GST
includes annual registration (NZ) fee

Domain name with email (no website): $94.00 plus GST
includes annual registration (NZ) fee and 5 email accounts


Level Two Option

The most basic of Websites is nothing more than an electronic brochure. It has a few pages laid out with information about your organisation or company, with links between the pages.

Annual Cost: $200.00 plus GST, or $16/month with A/P
includes annual domain name registration and 10 email accounts, 500Mb traffic/month & 10Mbyte disk space.


Level Three Site

The next step up provides a more sophisticated option, usually with a small database. FTP Access.

Annual Cost: $350.00 plus GST, or $29/month with A/P
includes domain name registration and 15 email accounts, 1Gb traffic/month & 25Mbyte disk space.


Level Four Site

When you get serious, your website becomes a fully fledged Web Application. This provides you with a more reliable level of service, but still based around a small database and traffic allowance. We provide you the option of regular database backups and increased traffic allowance.

$49/month with A/P
includes domain name registration and 25 email accounts, 3Gb traffic/month & 50Mbyte disk space.


Level Five Site

Once your website becomes well known, the requirements for reliability and redundancy get higher. At this level we provide a more reliable level of service and increased traffic allowance.

$79/month with A/P
includes domain name registration and 50 email accounts, 5Gb traffic/month & 100Mbyte disk space.


Level Six Site

As above but with more available resources.

$150/month with A/P
includes domain name registration and 50 email accounts, 10Gb traffic/month & 500Mbyte disk space.


Level Seven Site

All the above services are provided on what is known as "shared servers". It is just not economic for small sites to use a dedicated machine. If you require a dedicated service, so that you can guarantee not to be affected by other users, then we can do that.

$500/month with A/P
includes domain name registration and 50 email accounts, 30Gb National traffic/month & 20Gbyte disk space.



If you have your own server, then we can host that alongside our own machines. You are responsible for insurance etc.

Monthly Colo Cost: $150.00 plus GST
If paid Annually: $1,650.00 plus GST
Monthly Server Support Cost (optional): $150.00 plus GST
includes dedicated (static) IP number, 30Gb National traffic, 1Gb International traffic


Data Traffic

For all websites, if maximum data traffic levels are exceeded, then we reserve the right to charge for additional data traffic, or if consistent over 2 months, we may need to reclassify the account level, or amend standard monthly amounts.

Where high data traffic is anticipated, then we can provide an individual quote for this service.

NOTE: Where your site incurs a large amount of international data traffic, we may apply additional charges.

Ad hoc Additional National Data Traffic $10 per GB
Ad hoc Additional International Data Traffic $100 per GB


High level Service Contracts

Our base level of service is business hours, Monday to Friday. We offer the following additional service levels on a site by site basis.

7 days (bus hrs) + $150 / month
7am 10pm + $150 / month
Out of Hours Call Out fee $150 per call + $150 per hour


High Availability

Where your application requires a guaranteed uptime, more like the telco's or the military, then you need a server cluster and perhaps off site contingency facilities. These are specialist requirements which we can build to order. All costs are by quotation.


Secure Hosting

If your application requires a secure area for e-Commerce transactions, then you will need a Secure Certificate, and an extra facility configured on your server.

Annual Secure Certificate Registration: $150.00 plus GST
Monthly Secure Site: $35.00 plus GST


Website Statistics

For many sites it is important to have Website Statistics to better target their customers needs. We can provide a sophisticated analysis of your website usage.

Statistics Reporting: $10.00 plus GST



The Internet involves many technologies, from design through to implementation, and on to operational issues. Our staff can provide the benefit of years of experience, dealing with the rapidly changing systems and challenges that this industry throws at you. We may not be bald, but that hasn't meant we haven't tried to pull our hair out many times. To save you the hassles, we can help. And we are cheaper than the hair clinics! For larger projects ( > 3 days ) we will provide a fixed rate quotation.

Consultancy (per hour): $150.00 plus GST