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Moodle is the popular open source online Learning Management System or LMS. We have been involved with Moodle for many years now, and were the organisers of the NZ Moodle Moot in 2005 held in Rotorua.

We use Moodle ourselves, and teach with it. We have set up large clusters of servers for High Availability environments. We also provide a service to help people get to know Moodle, with our famous Moodle Sandpits.

We have also set up and sponsor the New Zealand Moodle School.

Using Moodle

Because Moodle is "open source", you can freely download it and use it without paying licence fees. However, for others to access your computer you need to have permanent access to the Internet. Most people only have a residential service, that precludes such activity anyway.

Thats where we come in. We can provide you with a Moodle website that is online all the time, and accessible by anyone with a login you provide.

If you want to trial Moodle, then please click here to send a email request for a Moodle Sandpit.


To learn more about Moodle

Learn how to use Moodle at our very own Moodle School, sponsored by 123 Internet Limited.

You can also visit the New Zealand Moodle site, and you can visit the main Moodle site.



What are your Services and what does it Cost?


Shared Service (Bronze)

This service is intended for smaller organisations, or where system demands are limited, and system resoruces can be shared.

  Diskspace -->1Gb -->5Gb -->20G
  Data Traffic -->5G/mth -->15G/mth -->40G/mth
Setup NZ$ 150.00
Pilot Stage Monthly   NZ$ 100.00NZ$ 175.00NZ$ 300.00
Production (If Paid Monthly)   NZ$ 150.00NZ$ 375.00NZ$ 500.00
Production (If Paid Annually)   NZ$ 1,650.00NZ$ 4,025.00NZ$ 5,500.00


Shared Service on HA Cluster (Silver)

This service is intended for smaller organisations who need High Availability and Reliability.

  Diskspace -->1Gb -->5Gb -->20G
  Data Traffic -->5G/mth -->20G/mth -->50G/mth
Setup NZ$ 550.00
Production (If Paid Monthly)   NZ$ 250.00NZ$ 475.00NZ$ 600.00
Production (If Paid Annually)   NZ$ 2,850.00NZ$ 5,225.00NZ$ 6,700.00


Dedicated Server (Gold)

This service is intended for medium sized organisations, or where system demands are greater,and guaranteed performance is important.

  Data Traffic -->40G/mth
Equipmentour spec, your caretypically $3,500.00+
SetupNZ$ 750.00
Monthly (paid monthly)NZ$ 575.00
Monthly (paid annually)NZ$ 6,000.00 Additional Traffic charges may apply


Dedicated Highly Available (HA) Cluster Servers (Platinum)

This service is intended for larger sized organisations, or where high availability, performance and reliability are paramount. Click here to see what a cluster looks like.

  Data Traffic -->100G/mth
Equipmentour spec, your caretypically $12,000.00+
SetupNZ$ 2,050.00
Monthly (paid monthly)NZ$ 1175.00
Monthly (paid annually)NZ$ 12,000.00 Additional Traffic charges may apply


Optional Services

Service Contracts

7 days+ NZ$ 150.00/month
7am 10pm+ NZ$ 150.00 /month
Out of Hours Call Out feeNZ$120 per call + NZ$120 per hour
Our base level of service is business hours,
Monday to Friday. We offer the following
additional service levels on a
site by site basis.

Student Webmail

Std SetupNZ$ 150.00
CustomisationNZ$ 100.00 /hr
Student AccountsNo Charge
The Student Webmail option integrates
with the Moodle site, so that there is
only one login. Once logged into Moodle
the Webmail screen is automatically
available without having to login again.


On site Daily Backupincluded in std charge
Off Site Daily Backup ($/month)NZ$ 50.00
Weekly Backup CD ($/month)NZ$ 100.00
Weekly Backup Tape Change ($/month)NZ$ 45.00
The Backup procedures are important
to ensure that your site files are protected.
For operational reasons, we backup your data
files to another one of our servers every day.
However we ofer these additional services
to ensure that you never lose your data.

Other Services

Technical Consultancy (Hourly rate)NZ$ 120.00
Website Customisationp.o.a.
Software Developmentp.o.a.
If you wish to host your own site, and need
a guiding hand along the way,or you need
assistance in making your site look better,
then we can assist.


Where your equipment is hosted at our Data Center, you are responsible for insurance. That policy should cover Fire,Theft,damage from power etc. Obviously we take all care and attention for the safety and security of the equipment. Our equipment is located there too!


Where traffic attracted to your site exceeds our expectations, we may have to pass on any trafffic charges that are imposed by our colocation hosts. This is particularly applicable where overseas traffic in involved.